Positively Caroline Book Reviews

Love this book! Inspiring and will help many others who struggle with eating disorders and ongoing negative thinking patterns.
Sharon R Peterson, LCSW-C Founding Director of Eating Disorder Network of Maryland
I read Caroline Adams Miller's first book, My Name is Caroline, when I was struggling with my eating disorder in my twenties and found it moving and helpful. However, Positively Caroline is more important to me now. As a 52-year old in a very imperfect recovery, I was inspired to see her thriving despite difficulties that life threw her way. Her writing is clear and compelling as she describes maintaining her recovery and building a loving family despite business difficulties and family of origin issues. The book is like hearing from an old friend who has met challenges and continues to glow. "Positively Caroline" inspired me to work on new midlife goals, using Ms. Adams Miller's book "Living Your Best Life" as a guide.
Michely Marlynn
If you have any doubt that mature, enduring recovery and happiness are possible, read "Positively Caroline." it is an inspiring chronicle of Caroline Miller's grit, and her fierce determination in the face of extraordinary challenges, to live a life filled with love, meaning and exemplary success.
Marilee Adams, Ph.D., author, Change Your Questions, Change Your LIfe
I was a huge fan of Caroline's first book back in 1983. I actually still have my original copy. Caroline is such an HONEST writer that I have felt like I have known her all these years. We are about the same age and then we both had three children about the same time. So it was a real thrill for me to see this sequel and catch up on Caroline's life. Again, it was a wonderfully written book ! I enjoyed every page and have such admiration for everything Caroline and Haywood went through. I especially give her credit for being so honest about her parents. Five Stars is not enough!
Pamela Anne
If you're a woman in the US, you don't have to have an official eating disorder to spend too much time thinking about food, weight, fitness, and looks. We all get a little crazy when it comes these topics. I love how uber honest Caroline is about all her challenges and setbacks. Nothing sugar (or glazed donut) coated here. And there are some big-ass setbacks. What's great is her resilience and explaining how she bounced back from it. She has practical advice in every chapter about how she does this. It's a fascinating read and easy to lose track of time. It's like eating perfectly buttered popcorn with a bit a caramel sweetness. Only there are no calories and you feel great after you're finished.
Positively Caroline is a very powerful book about life, careers, and the power of zest and resilience. Too often, the glossy stories of business and community leaders in any industry lead us to forget that life is messy and filled with tough decisions and trade-offs. Through her engaging writing style, Miller strikes the right balance between inspiration and honesty as she recounts the joys and challenges she has faced as a professional, a wife, and a mother. Throughout her book, Miller lets us in on her thoughts and on how she never ceases to keep 'being Caroline' despite pressure from her family, and the implicit social norms around her. The questions Miller dares asking, the status quo she dares questioning, and the open account she offers on her journey using therapy, medication, and a good dose of determination to reach a stable sense of joy are inspirational and liberating. Miller also reminds us that staying in recovery is a dynamic and complicated process, no matter whether one's addiction started around eating, drinking, or using drugs. Positively Caroline is a resilience gem and a wonderful gift to all women and men who want to forge their own definition of happiness and success.
Maria, OnlyGreatBooks
I had planned to read this book on a vacation next month, but once it arrived I started reading it and could not put it down until I finished. Fantastic! A page turner! I thoroughly enjoyed the well-written story of Caroline's triumph over adversity and brave, raw discussions of her challenges. Her courage in looking deeply at her life's dark areas, inspires one to do the same. She has overcome so much and stayed in recovery and thrived. This book will inspire many people whether or not they ever had an eating disorder.
Kelly P.
In Positively Caroline, Caroline Adams Miller strikes a beautiful balance between describing life challenges and sharing the often hard-fought solutions that keep her moving forward. Caroline's writing skill shines through in her ability to offer the reader moving, yet matter-of-fact descriptions of heart-wrenching situations like bankruptcy and childhood abuse, while providing the spark of hope necessary for progress. Her storytelling will keep you turning the pages to see just what life is going to bring her next!

Although the book is subtitled, "How I Beat Bulimia for Good," this book is not just for those with eating disorders or other addictions. This book is for anyone who has felt overwhelmed by life and found their way to a better place. This book is for anyone who has a sense that there is a better, more positive future awaiting. This is an inspirational book!

I was repeatedly struck by Caroline's intuitive sense - knowing when she was off-course, and knowing when she was heading the Right Way. What an important sense to cultivate in the midst of changes, setbacks and eventual successes! Her descriptions of the help of therapy are wonderful, and she connects it so well to that internal "knowing" that we all have, yet sometimes deny.

Even though she doesn't go into positive psychology in great depth, as she did in her earlier book, Creating Your Best Life (another great book), the chapters at the end provide such a great example of how enthusiastic one can be when finding a calling - all the more so when the calling is about living well.

I am so very happy that I read Positively Caroline!
Janice B. Stanley
Positively Caroline is a great read for personal and professional reasons. It is a book I couldn't put down! As a school counselor, I am always looking for ways to improve both my knowledge base of various patterns of behavior: eating disorders, addiction, and mood disorders, but more importantly, I need practical tips (grounded in research) for guiding young people. Positively Caroline is without a doubt a valuable resource for the everyday person but it is a must read for all counseling professionals.
Sarah Marie
Reviewers of Positively Caroline have praised the way the author achieves the primary goal of the book, demonstrating by example that long term recovery from addictive behaviors can be done, even though life never stops throwing new challenges at us. The bottom drops out of her life multiple times, and she picks herself up and goes on. This is a message of hope that long-term recovery is possible. I'd like to focus on another achievement. Even though people tend to learn how to be parents by observing how their own parents treated them, it is possible to overcome bad models and to break generation-to-generation patterns of destructive parent-child relationships. The way Caroline worked through numerous challenges with her children serves as another message of hope that people can treat their children with love and attention that they didn't themselves receive as children. This book is not just for those struggling with recovery issues or worrying about how well they support their children. We can all learn from people who have lived difficult lives with resilience and courage. I'd recommend starting out by reading the bullet points in the Epilogue, the key takeaways that the author has garnered from her experience. Then read the book to see how they emerge. Then read them again. Then come back to them when life seems too much with you.
Kathryn Britton
Positively Caroline is a very powerful book that will help so many people. This book tells the story of a woman who has reclaimed herself and is strong and resilient. Her story will inspire many to stay in recovery and even to start the recovery process. She touches all who have had issues or trauma - not just food issues and need to move forward with their lives. I highly recommend this book not only to adults in recovery but to share with our teenage children as an example of how to conquer our challenges and become happy whole people.

Caroline Adams Miller has written an amazing book on long term recovery from addiction.

Food was her particular drug of choice, but hers is not a book about disease, but about living in and into recovery. She shares her experience strength and hope and the real world challenges of maintaining sobriety through illness, bankruptcy, family abuse, and all the difficulties that life can throw at you.

Through it all, she keeps her sense of humor and her recovery intact.

Toward the end of the story she talks about her experience with positive psychology. This book provides one of the clearest examples of how the new science of positive psychology is more than just a smiley face. Her application of positive psychology principles, of constructive goal setting, and her efforts to create smart boundaries against the negative and destructive forces in her life offer a role model for anyone seeking long term healthy recovery from addictive behavior. She is positively Caroline.
Arthur Fullerton
In this time of social media bragging about daily accomplishments, this book is like a much needed authentic friend. We can all breathe a sigh of relief for Caroline Adams Miller who is willing to be vulnerable and provide helpful research based guidance as we all struggle to find a way to do more and be more. I do not have an eating disorder but found this book very relevant in many ways such as the dilemma of being a working mother, who needs to care for a family while also remaining relevant professionally- and find a center of balance for oneself in the process! Caroline Adams Miller is also at the forefront of Positive Psychology and research based well-being with an incredible scholarly pedigree so her journey is more than a sharing of a personal story, but one that encompasses years of dedication to study and implementation of research based learning to not just survive - but thrive. A must read for anyone ready to heal and reinvent themselves!
Stella Lee
If you love books that draw you in and make you feel connected to the character this is the book for you. I laughed and cried with Caroline as I read about her journey. This book gives hope to women everywhere who have fallen and need to know that they can and will get back up. Caroline is an amazing writer, she has the ability to paint a scene so vividly you feel as though you are standing there right beside her. This is a must read to anyone looking for their next great book.
Scarlet Raven
This is a book every executive coach and every clinician should have in their library to recommend to clients. Caroline is a noted expert in Positive Psychology and is the author of many books I use in my practice as an executive coach. This book is different, yet every bit as impactful as her last (Creating Your Best Life). Creating Your Best Life should be in an executive coaches library because it has all the research to prove every technique used in the field. Positively Caroline shows how the research can change a life, step by difficult, yet inspired, step. For those working with women as an executive coach, this book is a must. For every success driven woman in the U.S. I will lay odds there is some part of Caroline's story that will hit a nerve...and because of Caroline's background in Positive Psychology, her story then evolves showing exactly how it works in a real life transformation.
Andrea Goeglein, Ph.D., Dr. Success | Author, Executive Coach
A truly inspiring, beautifully written and thrilling read! And for many more reasons than I originally thought. My father was a gambler. I have other family and friends who have experienced addictions as well. And while I am greatly appreciative to what all the 12-step programs continue to do for addictions of all kinds, I was always uncomfortable with "I will always be a recovering addict," that there was no hope for long-term, full recovery. So, when friends suggested I check out Caroline Adams Miller's new book titled “Positively Caroline: How I beat Bulimia for good... and found real happiness,” here was hope and I was intrigued.

Even so, before buying I like to read reviews. And I found all those for “Positively Caroline” seemed to be written by women. Of course this is perfectly understandable considering Miller is a renowned female leader, author, speaker and coach whose first book, “My Name is Caroline,” broke new ground by bringing the trials, tribulations but also roads to recovery of and for bulimia. On the face of it, Miller's “Positively Caroline” seems to be intended for women since bulimia is much more prevalent in women. But after having read “Positively Caroline,” I can say unequivocally that such an assumption would be a giant mistake and disservice.

Everyone of every age should read and can greatly benefit from Positively Caroline. For anyone, and that includes all of us, who has things in their past that doesn't serve them, who has annoying to extremely harmful habits and/or addictions, who has frustrating to painful relationships, who wants to make and maintain lasting positive changes or transformations of any kind Positively Caroline is for you.

And the beauty part is not only is Positively Caroline chock full of empowering examples, modeling, roadmaps, practices, techniques and validated theory that helps you accomplish your dreams and goals it is written in a most authentic, courageous, candid and compelling way. Miller is a marvelous story teller; she tells her story as she would to an intimate friend, wanting with all her heart to help her friend to a full recovery and genuine happiness, success and fulfillment.

I truly believe if we take to heart and apply these lessons of forgiveness, appreciation, strengths, intrinsic and engaging goals, nurturing relationships and discovering meaning by believing in something greater than ourselves that Miller has lived and now shared we, millions of us, can accomplish our own full recoveries and enjoy thriving lives.
Robert W. Dauman
If you or anyone in your family or circle of friends, has suffered from an eating disorder, you may be familiar with Caroline Adams Miller's first book, "My Name is Caroline," published in 1988, in which she described her struggle with bulimia. Now, triumphantly, she is the author of a new book, "Positively Caroline: How I Beat Bulimia for Good ... and Found Real Happiness" (Cogent Publishing, imprint of the Whitson Group, $15).

"Now," Miller says in the foreword to her new book, "I want people to see what it means to actually flourish in recovery - not just get there." And she shares what she learned in a master's degree program in Applied Positive Psychology, the "science of happiness." In other words, you don't have to have an eating disorder to find much of value in this book, particularly about being a parent. Miller had a very difficult childhood, and describes her family problems in great detail, and then goes on to tell the reader about her children (three), her marriage, conflicts aout being a working mother, and ... life.

And, speaking of life, Miller is now a professional coach. I didn't know what that was until I read her book! Professional coaches, I learned, "help people set and accomplish goals that would transform their lives." She goes on to say that while she has "knocked a number of goals off my bucket, list, I have a lot more waiting for me."

I found this book fascinating, and recommend it highly.
Hudson Valley News, Ann La Farge

Positively Caroline: Positively Inspiring

When a woman bares her soul, she nurtures us all.

Upon first glance, executive coach and Positive Psychologist Caroline Miller appears to be perfect. With a striking face, slender figure, successful business and six published books to her name, one might even assume that her life has been easy.

Such an assumption would be dead wrong. In her newest book, Positively Caroline, the author shares that she has struggled her entire life to be happy. Through this beautifully written - and at times, painfully raw - memoir, Miller takes readers along her winding journey of abuse, bulimia, bankruptcy and depression to eventually find true happiness within. In precise detail, she bares the depths of her soul so that readers can learn and grow with her.

Though the subtitle suggests that this is a book about bulimia recovery, it is relevant to us all. Hers is the story of every person who has faced struggles and setbacks. (And let’s face it, who hasn’t?) However, Miller refused to be a victim. She fought for happiness with perseverance, authenticity and humility. She was not too proud to seek therapy, medication and education to find happiness. Furthermore, what makes this book exceptional is that, as an expert in Positive Psychology, the scientific study of well-being, Miller infuses her stories with research-based theory and tools that readers can apply to navigate their own life challenges. As she so eloquently states, “Life is really nothing but a series of jolts and setbacks, followed by resilience and positive growth” (p. 104).

Her ability to bounce back, rise above challenges and improve her lot in life is perhaps the book’s greatest gift. From her candor and strength, she teachers readers that they too can survive and thrive through challenges. In this manner, readers learn what happiness actually is. She reminds us to tune into intuition instead of pursuing external rewards and “shoulds.” She teaches us to appreciate what is, to cultivate nurturing relationships with love and gratitude, and to approach life with grace and gusto.

On a professional note, while this book is for everyone and may be of particular interest to addicts in recovery, I also urge parents of teenage girls to read this book. In psychology circles, it is well known that women are twice as likely to suffer depression as men. However, it is not as well known that this disparity begins between the ages of 13 and 16, as girls begin to feel unworthy. Exacerbated by images in the media of body perfection, girls need to know that they are beautiful and worthy as is. They need to know that they are perfect in their imperfections and adorable in their quirks. Caroline takes this challenge head on when she learns that she is having a baby girl. All of us who love, parent and work with girls can learn this from her.

Finally, in reading Positively Caroline, you can’t help but fall in love with the author. You will laugh, cry and become her cheerleader. For those who have read Miller’s previous books and/or respected her professional accomplishments, this delicate insight into her soul will likely make you want to be her best friend. She will inspire you to be your best and this is the mark of truly inspirational, positive literature.
Carin Rockind, MAPP, PurposeGirl, LLC. Speaker, Author, Coach: The Woman's Positive Psych Coach
In the world of recovery we often hesitate to suggest that there is a life after recovery--we are so conditioned to believe that we are in our "illness" or "addiction" forever, and that we must be grateful for continuing abstinence. Caroline's new book, "Positively Caroline" shows us that while, of course, we'll always be grateful and very self-aware, there is life beyond our wildest dreams after we have incorporated the lessons and habits of recovery.

Caroline's story is honest, compelling and inspiring. And it is a book for all women--those who know the nightmare life of a secret eating disorder and also those who know the challenges of being a stressed, high-achieving, work/life not quite balanced woman in our culture. I am reccomending "Positively" to women in recovery and to all the other busy, striving, happiness seeking woman I know as well.
Diane Cameron
This book is an important contribution to the women's leadership field, and a gripping read for anyone. I noticed two important main points. First, the book helps us get inside the mind of someone suffering from the disease, learn the way out, and how to stay out. With body image issues on the rise - eating disorders are a critical part of the spectrum to understand for family members and the person themselves. Caroline acts as a mentor-on-paper sharing the lows, the ah-ha moments, and road to recovery and pride in that recovery. Second, this is a fascinating and real story about overcoming challenge. The challenge that lies within the self, that makes us dislike ourselves. This is a common battle waged a little more often than many of us would like to admit. I see this in the faces of my students - US students and international students - when teaching a nationally award-winning class focused on skill building and confidence increases. There is always self-doubt on the part of the students, and by the end of the semester it's a joy to see it melt away. However, there are only so many students I can reach each semester. I breathed a sigh of relief when I read Caroline's book. Anyone can read this anytime. It's inspirational and truly targets the core issues of self-doubt, overcoming challenge, and serves as a portable role-model with real challenges and how to solve. There is not sugar-coating and everyone gets a trophy. It's about time.
Kathy Korman Frey, Entrepreneur in Residence, Women's Entrepreneurial Leadership |The George Washington University School of Business, CFEE