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By Sandra Bienkowski Live Happy Magazine – January 2017 Use the insights and practices from these books to increase joy and open your mind in the year ahead. Set aside some reading time and stock your shelves with these 10 exceptional new books, which cover a range of illuminating topics [...]
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NEA Member Benefits – January 2017 It's the perfect time to try these winter pick-me-ups that will help lift your spirits until spring. Every year, like clockwork, many educators and administrators sink into the winter doldrums. Not only are we facing shorter days, blustery temperatures and cold/flu season, we may [...]
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Reader's Digest Online – January 2017 By Tina Donvito We'd be happier if only things were different, right? If we had more money or a better job or weighed 20 pounds less? With these positivity-boosting strategies, you can be happier right now—no life changes needed. Set your mind on being [...]
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The New York Post – December 24, 2016 By Vicki Salemi The week between Christmas and New Year's Day means one thing: checking off the final items on your end-of-year to-do list. Whether you're taking a few personal days away from the office or are sitting at your desk enjoying [...]
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The unrivaled sense of accomplishment, camaraderie and joy of competing can be as important as winning a medal. Whether you're in training to become the next Michael Phelps or Gabby Douglas or gearing up for a work presentation or weekend 10K, there's much to learn from the way Olympic athletes [...]
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Live Happy Magazine – December 2016 By Sandra Bienkowski Depression can make you feel like you are stuck in a black hole while the rest of the world goes about its day in a spray of sunshine, as usual—joyfully alive. In your mind, you may want to be happy, but [...]
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By Meg Fry – NJBiz – December 13, 2016 SpeakEasy is a running feature in NJBIZ in which we recap presentations given by key business leaders around the state. This report is based on a speech delivered by Caroline Adams Miller, author, speaker and expert in positive psychology, at BioNJ's [...]
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I'm thrilled to share that my next book, Getting Grit is getting exceptional reviews from people I admire, and who are using words like “compelling,” “amazing,” and “exceptional”! It took a lot of grit to get this book from my head into the publishing world, but I'm delighted that [...]
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Investors Business Daily – Week of October 31, 2016 & By Morey Stettner LEADERS & SUCCESS A Drive To Win Requires Pushing Past Mental Roadblocks If you ponder the enormity of the goal you're seeking, you can lose yourself in the magnitude of your quest. (James Thew/ As you [...]
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October 19, 2016 By Danielle Braff There are some people who will finish a race, even if they can barely stand by the time they reach the finish line. They're the same people who never give up in the middle of a book and see a challenging course to its [...]
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September 26, 2016 – Gary Bertwistle and Darren Robertson EP 98 : BUILD THE GRIT TO BE MORE & DO MORE IN OUR LIVES – CAROLINE ADAMS MILLER Why we Should Set Unrealistic Goals in Order to be our Best. Caroline Adams Miller is an international coach, author & speaker [...]
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September 21, 2016 – Wharton Moneyball on SiriusXM Channel 111 Caroline Adams Miller joined Moneyball hosts and Wharton statistics professors Eric Bradlow, Shane Jensen, Cade Massey, and Adi Wyner to talk about the science of goal-setting and grit, as well as the importance of the plus-minus factor, social contagion, the [...]
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By Maddie Grant In this episode, we welcomed Caroline Miller, author of many books including the forthcoming Getting Grit: The Evidence-Based Approach to Cultivating Passion, Perseverance and Purpose. Her ground-breaking work in the areas of goal setting/accomplishment, grit, happiness and success provides a fascinating topic for discussion around how Grit [...]
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Wholebeing institute – Certificate in Positive Psychology – August 2016 By Suzee Connole Grit is defined as very small pieces of sand or stone—or a mental toughness and courage. It's safe to assume that everyone has experienced the first definition of grit. It's the second that's harder to come by. [...]
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Law Practice Today – June 2016 The Attorney Well-Being Issue By Caroline Adams Miller, MAPP Last fall, I finished speaking about grit to a packed gym in an affluent community outside of Dallas, Texas when a woman rose to make a comment. “Your talk helps me understand why our firm [...]
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