Bright Words for Dark Days

Bright Words for Dark Days (Bantam 1994, Schërz 2000) is one of the first spiritual meditation books to address the topic of women and depression. Among the many areas covered in this book are post-partum depression, the death of loved ones, the sadness that accompanies change, and the special issues that challenge women. This book has been translated into several languages.

From the inside flap

Depression is currently recognized as the most prevalent emotional problem affecting women. The “blues” may be a passing reaction to disappointment or loss, a response to overwhelming daily stress, or related to a biological factor such as PMS or postpartum changes. But whatever the cause, self-care and new ways of thinking are always part of the solution. In 365 daily meditations, Bright Words For Dark Days provides specific information and gentle, step-by-step guidance to lift the gloom. Each entry begins with a provocative quotation and ends with an affirmation for the day. The topics treated range from low self-esteem, fear of the future and self-destructive thoughts, to dealing with family troubles, holiday depressions, and seeking medical help.